About Us

About us

Russell & Bourne is the brainchild of two lifelong friends who share a passion for both travel and adventure.

We offer a range of incredible fully supported self drive adventure tours.

Our Indian infrastructure and support network has been developed and honed over the last decade, working closely with our dear friend Sanjeev “Sam” Dogra .

Sam brings an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience to all our tours .

As we all approach the time of our lives where we are far more likely to be told to “slow down” by our doctor than a policeman.

Russell and Bourne have developed the perfect antidote.


Our life affirming tours don’t just press ctrl alt delete on your routine
– they quite literally pull the plug out of the wall !

Our Team

Russ Marks


Russ has been a motorcycle chauffeur to London’s great and good for two decades, whisking his A list clientele across town anonymously,swiftly and safely.

His motorcycling experience speaks for its self, its thought he’s covered one and a half million miles without leaving London’s M25.

Motorcycle prowess is all very well but equally as important is the level of propriety, trust and integrity required.

He’s works closely with everyone from Prime ministers to the “glitterati” of film and television.

His passion for motorcycle adventure has seen him travel extensively through Europe, North Africa ,South East Asia and India.

Russ is 49 years old , happily married for 23 years and a proud father of Molly and Flynn .

Ron Bourne


Rons wanderlust has taken him all over the globe throughout Europe, across the Middle East and onto Australasia.

His logical, yet inquisitive mind led him to dismantling things to see what makes them tick. This quickly evolved from fixing vehicles on the road side to becoming a full blown race mechanic. Trusted to work on countless racing cars at  Le Mans, Goodwood Revival, Goodwood festival of speed and Monza to name but a few.

Ron has been happily married for 30 years, lives in a houseful of pets and is a father of two well travelled daughters.

Sanjeev "Sam" Dogra

Our man in India

Introducing our man on the ground in India.

Sam as he is affectionately known is our dear friend, a 39 year old happily married father of two young children.

Sam was born and raised in the mountains of the Himalaya and like us shares a real passion for travel and adventure.

He has led numerous expeditions and tours to the furthest corners of his beloved India.

Sam is a qualified mountaineer and a certified instructor , his”hands-on” experience, knowledge and local know-how is quite literally second to none.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have a “skill set ” on board that very few others can match.