Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our clients need lots of support and others prefer very little .

We are here for whatever you need and to answer all your questions no matter how big or small they might seem.

Just send Russ an email or even better give Ron a call as whatever excites you still gets us excited even after all these years and we love nothing more than to chat about it .

Accommodation, breakfast and evening meals, car/bike hire, insurance,  fuel, etc.

We’ve tried to include everything apart from flights, your visa, your travel and medical insurance, daytime snacks, tips and your bar bill!

NB: Flights not included – we are happy to talk you through  the booking process and the best flights to book to meet us for your adventure

Yes, in our experience we recommend you speak to they can help with the all cover you require for both travel and medical insurance.

Yes absolutely everyone requires a visa to travel to India below are some links we have found to be both helpful and convenient .

Website :  or

That’s all pretty standard stuff these days really, the best bet is to consult your own doctor as most health centers operate a travel clinic or alternatively speak to they seem to be very good and both will offer all the advice you need on vaccinations and medication.

As a rule of thumb most days we will aim to start around 09:00. Stop for Chai and lunch and would hope to have you around the pool with a drink in your hand sharing stories by 16:00!

You wont! We’ve purposely limited all our trips to ten cars only allowing the team to top and tail the whole group and travel in convoy.

No problem, we have our mechanics driving our spare cars, so should you have a puncture or mechanical problem simply swap cars with a mechanic until yours is fixed at the next destination.

We have our own qualified doctor travelling along with us who can deal with most eventualities.

No problem we have enough team to find you a chauffeur!

South India and Rajasthan throw up a wealth of really special properties and resorts, however obviously the Himalaya has less exquisite hotels but always clean and comfortable.

I would suggest the two main requirements for driving in India are a hooter and a sense of humor.

We’ve carefully constructed all our routes to give you a gentle introduction to driving on Indian roads.

In South India and Rajasthan we may encounter more challenging driving in and around some of the towns but it’s all manageable & most of our routes quickly revert back to driving on rural roads once again.

In some of the cities in Rajasthan for example, we will park the cars on the outskirts and take a minibus or a boat into the center of town as the traffic may prove too challenging for some and would also make it difficult for us all to stay together as a group .

We believe it should be an adventure and it should be a challenge but most importantly it should be enjoyable !

So whats it like driving in India? ..really nothing to concern yourself with or worry about.. think worse case scenario nothing more than Marble Arch or Hyde park corner in the rush hour !

The Himalaya is a different story as we are often so remote we may not see any other cars for a day or so.

This area offers us different challenges due to the fact that most of the time we will be driving off road or on unmade roads with River’s to cross etc.

Although this trip puts the A in Adventure, the team are on hand every step of the way to make sure that it’s both manageable and accessible for everybody.

Our accommodation is purposely sourced with its cuisine in mind, normally we will be treated to an evening banquet buffet, with enough options and variety to suit all tastes.

Fantastic vegetarian dishes, chicken and fish are popular and never too hot and spicy.

We issue a full kit list prior to travel, so don’t worry too much as you do not require anything special for South India and Rajasthan other than shorts and t-shirts and a fleece for early mornings and evenings. Himalayan weather can be unpredictable as you would expect, so think layers as when it warms up you can always adjust.

Our business model is based on small intimate groups, not bank balances or bottom lines.

We’ve limited all our trips to ten cars maximum as our vast experience tells us small is better, everyone gets along seamlessly as a smaller group whether on the road, around the pool or at the bar sharing their experiences of the day as a group without the cliquey dynamic that can sometimes develop with larger groups.

No there is no limit on age as we firmly believe your never too old, there is no extra level of fitness required and our team are always on hand and happy to help if required.

Don’t worry we’ve thought of that all our lunch stops will have a toilet but failing that we carry a portaloo and a pop up tent to preserve ones modesty, so wherever we are and no matter how remote, we’ve got that one covered.

Russell and Bourne is a small company and we are very keen to stay that way. It’s not about balance sheets or bottom lines but the weighty costs of Abta are prohibitive to us and we are keen to not pass on such costs to the customer.

However, we fully recognise we need to offer a solution that protects your hard earned money and gives you confidence and piece of mind .

Our solution is a clients call account where your money is ring-fenced and held with an independent and trusted solicitor.

These funds will only be released to us on completion of your adventure !

3 months prior to departure date.

We ask for is a deposit ,

If we are sorting your flight; its £1200.00                                                  ( including the £550.00 for flights )

If you are organizing your own flight; the deposit is £650.00           (£1200.00 minus £550.00 = £650.00)


1 month prior to departure date.

The remainder of the cost of the tour needs to be paid into the client account for safe keeping.