Our Driving Adventures

Our Driving Adventures

Himalaya Adventure

Buddhist prayer flags the holy traditional flag

Join us on the trip of your lifetime
we proudly bring you The Spiti 1000!

We invite you to write your name in history and be part of this challenge and the first group of Westerners ever to drive an ‘Amby’ on this route.

This story has been years in the making and takes place in the Mighty Himalaya, which is where our friend and guide Sam, was born and raised and is lucky to call home.

Sam’s knowledge and understanding gives us a unique opportunity to take our little classic cars places other people can only dream of!

This is the land of the Snow Leopard, a very spiritual and a truly awe inspiring place.

Whether glamping under a mind blowing starlit sky, listening to wolves, or winching your Amby across another ice melt river crossing, this trip has it all!

Three miles high and a thousand kilometers across the Roof of the World!

Rajasthan Adventure


Join us on our mind blowing Rajasthan adventure.

One thousand miles across The land of the Kings.

Our journey takes us all the way from the mighty Thar desert to the timeless beauty of the Taj Mahal.

A land steeped in history with magic and legend around every corner.

Our carefully crafted route serves up Rajasthan daily life and culture in abundance.

From the unfathomable scale of Mehrangarh Fort to the incredible splendor of the fairy tale palace at Udaipur.

You will take a sunset camel safari in the desert, a truly mesmerising balloon flight over the beautiful pink city of Jaipur, and if you are really lucky, you might even glimpse a tiger along the way!

South India Adventure

The beauty is breath taking

Join us on our incredible South Indian adventure.

One thousand miles from the serenity of the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, to the fantastic beaches of the Malabar coast at Goa.  

We gently wind our way through ‘Gods own country’ with the palm fringed Arabian sea not always visible, but sometimes tantalisingly near.

Our route criss crosses the formidable Western Ghat mountain range, past hill stations and through the other worldly perfection of Munnar, the highest tea plantation in the world. Our chances of encountering Wild Elephant, Leopard or Bengal Tiger in this area are ever present.

This meticulously crafted route of extreme contrast takes us from lush jungle, to frenetic bustling city. Its a soul quenching, life affirming fortnight of everything incredible India has to offer!